The Nissui Group's CSR Initiatives

The Nissui Group, together with its stakeholders, will endeavor to find solutions to social issues and aim to become a corporate group that continues to be needed by society.

As a marine products company, Nissui's founding principle is to provide the people of the world with marine resources in as fresh a condition as possible.

The Nissui Group asserted CSR-driven management in the “MVIP 2017,” the previous Mid-Term Business Plan; in March 2016 announced the CSR Action Declaration; and in November of the same year determined materiality and has been engaged in various initiatives. In the new Mid-Term Business Plan, “MVIP + (Plus) 2020,” which was announced in May 2018, it further promoted management based on CSR to achieve sustainable growth and further increase in corporate value.
The Nissui Group, together with its stakeholders, will broadly contribute to achieving the sustainable development goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations and solving various social issues based on the "five genes" carried forward since the company's foundation.

The Nissui Group's CSR Initiatives

Nissui's Genes

Sense of mission, Innovation, Hands-on approach, Global mindset, Commitment to customers

CSR Action Declaration

The Nissui Group will appreciate the earth and the sea, and create diverse forms of value from the "five genes" (sense of mission, innovation, hands-on approach, global mindset, and commitment to customers) inherited since its foundation and try to solve social issues through its business activities.

For the customer

  • We provide safe and secure, high quality products which are valuable for customers.
  • We utilize the bounty of the sea and provide the delights of food and a rich and healthy life through innovation.

For the employee

  • We act in accordance with the norms of the society with sound ethics and aim to build a socially trusted company.
  • We respect diverse values and individualities, and achieve growth through teamwork by learning from others.

For the business partner

  • We maintain fair and transparent business relationships with all of our business partners.
  • We try to build mutually trusting relationships with business partners and seek a sustainable society with them.

For the environment

  • We work hard to reduce environmental impact and preserve natural environment and biodiversity.
  • We recognize that our business relies on the bounty of the earth and the sea, and work hard to utilize resources in a sustainable manner.

For the shareholder

  • We operate in a transparent manner and improve disclosure of information.
  • We try to enhance corporate value and continue a proper distribution of profit to the shareholders through stable business growth.

For society

  • We work hard to develop local society and cultivate the next generation through the knowledge and the technology of the Nissui Group.
  • We respect diverse cultures and customs in the world and try to contribute to keeping the local society alive with the development of our business.
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