Employee Health

As part of the initiatives for employee health, Nissui recognizes the maintenance and promotion of health as a management issue and announced the Employee Health Declaration on February 23, 2017. Based on this declaration, various initiatives are carried out so that employees and their families can live healthy and energetic lives.

Employee Health Declaration

At the Nissui Group, we consider our employees to be our most valuable asset, and we want to see all employees be able to fully demonstrate their abilities. We also aim to improve the quality of life of our employees and their families by ensuring proper workplace conditions and by actively supporting both mental and physical health.
As a company that works with resources from the sea, we offer suggestions for healthy diets, try to maximize the use of functional components derived from seafood, and aim to contribute to the healthy lives of people everywhere, from our employees and their families to customers around the world.


Three Approaches to Develop an Environment Where Employees Are Healthy and Can Maximize Their Potential Leading to Increased Productivity

<Supporting the balance between work and personal lives>
 Major measures: Childcare and nursing care support, the employee benefits system, adoption of the cafeteria plan “N Café,” etc.

<Promoting the health of individuals>
 Major measures: Campaign to improve lifestyle habits, increase the ratio of EPA/AA, promoting no smoking and separation of smoking areas, mental health examination, etc.

<Providing a comfortable and rewarding workplace>
 Major measures: Eliminating long working hours, promoting the taking of leave, adoption of the teleworking system, etc.
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Employee Health Promotion Framework

Recognizing the maintenance and promotion of employees’ health to be a managerial key issue, Nissui has established the Promoting Health Working Group within the Diversity and Personnel Development Subcommittee.,With the cooperation of the Safety & Health Planning Section (Secretariat), Health Management Center (industrial physicians and health nurses), the corporate health insurance society and each department, and by coordinating with the cooperate health insurance staff of each business location, we are engaged in initiatives to ensure the health and work-life balance of its employees and to create a workplace culture that is pleasant and offers a fulfilling place to work.

Employee Health Promotion Framework
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External Recognition

Chosen for the “2019 Health & Productivity Stock Selection”

On February 21, 2019, Nissui became the first in the fishery, agriculture and forestry industry to be chosen for the “2019 Health & Productivity Stock Selection,” sponsored jointly by the Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Under the Health & Productivity Stock Selection program, basically one company from each industry is chosen from among the companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange as a company focusing on employees’ health from a management perspective and strategically carrying out efforts toward employee health.
Nissui was recognized for creating a better working environment under the concept of health and productivity management which promoted better health using a fish-based diet as the starting point, and expanding the movement from the individual to each division and from each division to the entire company.
In order to improve the productivity by putting in place a working environment in which diverse talent stay healthy and are able to demonstrate their capabilities, Nissui carried out measures to 1) promote the individual’s health, 2) strike a balance between work and private lives and 3) create a pleasant and fulfilling place to work.

【写真】健康経営銘柄2019 【ロゴ】健康経営銘柄2019 【ロゴ】健康経営優良法人2018

First in the Marine Products Industry to Receive the DBJ’s Highest Health Management Rating

On March 29, 2018, Nissui was awarded the highest rank in the Development Bank of Japan’s DBJ Employee’s Health Management Rated Loan Program, the first given in the marine products industry, which led to our receiving financing.
The first of its kind in the world, the DBJ’s Health Management Rating adds a condition to its financing that evaluates and identifies companies that take measures that demonstrate excellent consideration and measures for ensuring the health of its employees. Nissui was praised for the public announcement of its Employee Health Declaration, its stress check program for all employees, and the analysis of its results.

【画像】DBJ健康経営(ヘルスマネジメント)格付 【ロゴ】DBJ健康経営(ヘルスマネジメント)格付
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Measurement of the EPA/AA ratio and Health Ranking

From fiscal 2016, Nissui commenced the utilization of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), a core product of the Fine Chemicals Business, which is one of Nissui’s main businesses, in order to prevent employee’s lifestyle-related diseases.
At the regular physical examination conducted in fiscal 2016, the EPA/AA ratio, an indicator which is said to be connected to the incidence of cardiovascular diseases, was included in the test items of all employees and a company average of 0.4 was set as the targeted value.
As a result, the companywide EPA/AA ratio was 0.29% in fiscal 2016, 0.35% in fiscal 2017 and 0.38% in fiscal 2018.

In fiscal 2018, to encourage employees to make efforts to voluntarily improve their diets, a health incentive was paid to employees who had achieved an EPA/AA ratio of 1.0% or higher.
In addition to providing individual feedback on the measurement results, the results of each division have been aggregated and the ranking list on the right has been prepared.

EPA/AA ratio and Health Ranking

Health Ranking
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Adoption of Employee Benefits System/Cafeteria Plan

As part of measures for “Employee health,” Nissui has adopted “N Café,” an employee benefits system/cafeteria plan.
Nissui proactively supports the employee’s mental and physical health and is strengthening initiatives to promote health and prevent diseases, while helping employees strike a balance between work and childcare/nursing care.
Employees are awarded a certain number of points that can be used in employee benefits programs of their choosing through N Café. The programs focus on childcare, nursing care, and health and contain a wide range of services including personal development, asset formation and life support.


N Café character “Nanda”

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Health Plus (+) Storage Campaign

Nissui has been conducting the “Health Plus (+) Storage Campaign” as an initiative to improve the lifestyle habits of its employees from fiscal 2018.
This campaign awards bonus points, which may be used in the employee benefits program, to employees who have achieved a given level in new positive (plus) activities in an effort to re-examine the daily lifestyle habits of each employee.
In fiscal 2019, the campaign was carried out during the period from May to July prior to the regular physical examination. 250 people (increase of 23 from the previous year) signed up for a total of 606, out of which 191 people achieved the standards.

Overview of the Program

Applicable programs:

(i) All employees
Program Achievement standards (3 months)
Walking & exercise program 60 days or more of walking 8,000 steps or exercising 30 minutes or more
Bounty of the sea program 60 days or more of either eating at least one fish-based meal a day
or consuming 900mg of EPA+DHA per day
Dental health program 60 days or more of brushing teeth at least 3 times a day
and also going to the dentist for a checkup or for treatment during the period
(ii) Employees to which the following apply
Applicable persons Achievement standards (3 months)
Smokers Stop smoking for the entire period
Persons who consume alcohol every day Observe two days a week without consuming alcohol throughout the entire period
BMI≧25 Record weight three times a week and weigh 2 kg less after the program
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A Health Seminar by Sports Trainers from RIZAP was held

As part of initiatives for employee health, a “Health Seminar by Sports Trainers from RIZAP” for employees was held on May 29, 2019, at the Nissui Head Office. 63 Head Office employees participated. The seminar aimed to enhance the awareness of each employee to re-examine his or her health and the participants worked out with the goal of “I will start from tomorrow.” The seminar invited trainers from RIZAP GROUP, Inc. to give a lecture and provide participants with work out experience. The lecturer spoke about the risk of lifestyle diseases caused by obesity and the secret to make appropriate meals and exercise a habit, and the participants learned how irregular hours contributed to obesity and the importance of exercise. Following the lecture, the participants experienced workouts using the RIZAP method which efficiently burns fat and to try stretching exercises which can be done during breaks from deskwork.

Classwork with the lecturer

Classwork with the lecturer

Workout experience

Workout experience

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Initiatives to Promote No Smoking

To prevent health problems from smoking and passive smoking, Nissui is promoting initiatives to support smokers to stop smoking and to separate the smoking areas at the business locations.
In terms of the promotion of no smoking to smokers, the President made a no-smoking declaration in January 2019 and nearly 30 employees followed suit by taking on the no-smoking challenge. As new initiatives for fiscal 2019, a special booth was installed at the regular physical examination site to strengthen no-smoking education activities, which included health nurses providing individual instruction to smokers, measuring the levels of carbon monoxide using smokerlyzers, and distributing samples of nicotine gum. Nissui also supports no smoking by covering half of the treatment costs of employees who have successfully quit smoking at the quit-smoking programs at hospitals.
As for promoting the separation of smoking areas, in 2018, the smoking areas of the head offices and branches were shut down and shutting down or downsizing the smoking areas at other business locations in the next two years is also being considered. Furthermore, smoking has been banned in all company cars.

Smoking rate
Smoking rate
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Mental Health Support

Nissui is also making efforts to enhance mental health so that employees can engage in their work with a healthy mind. Once a year, Nissui conducts a mental health examination for its employees and based on the results, provides support through the Human Resources Department on an individual or department basis. Additionally, Nissui conducts harassment workshops (group seminars and e-learning) in order to prevent any incidents of harassment, as well as setting up a Harassment Desk, which serves as a contact point for consultations, as a system to deal with this problem.


An interview with the health nurse

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